Hustle 101- The Beginning



Well it should not be news to all of the recent college graduates or even those that are 5+ years out still paying off student loans. One thing that you WILL NOT find on the job description is…

“We will pay you a base salary PLUS will contribute towards paying off your student loans”

Shell shocker! How much student loan debt do you really have? Let’s be honest here…..50K, 75K, 100K+? The reports show that everyone averages around 35K in student loan debt but they must average that number with damn near everyone that went to college because EVERYONE that I know who went to college without a full ride scholarship has 50K+ in student loan debts. I have created this blog as the start for a community of like minds to benefit from the methods used by others to get out of their debt crisis. It can be handled much differently than credit card debits or something similar. I have ran a number of side hustles to knock off a CHUNK of my student loans along with a super simple viewpoint of how to pay them off.

We are all educated right? Hopefully we learned something in college that is VALUABLE to someone else right? Well lets say we have $50,000 in student loans…..we only need 50 people to pay us $1000 each for a freelance project. We only need 100 people to pay use $500 for a freelance project. Seeing that we have some 7 billion people in the world connected through the internet it shouldn’t be that difficult to find those 50 to 100 people! As I continue to blog I will share specific ways in how I have kept my full time job, paid for a masters degree plus paid off a massive amount of student loan debts. I used many different ways from freelance work to owning a hot dog cart. YES….I owned a hot dog cart, don’t judge until you read how CRAZY successful it was and how lucrative they can be.


Ps. If you have a crazy success story with student loans send me an email at (yes…I’m an average joe with a gmail account!)